The collections of the Biblioteca Statale di Lucca (BSL) have got a prevailingly humanistic character in its historical origins and traditions. They include 449.200 printed works in both volumes and booklets, 4.321 manuscripts (in volumes), 19.462 manuscripts (in loose sheets), 835 Incunabula, about 10.000 Cinquecentine (XVIth Century Editions), 2.650 periodicals of which 594 are current; 627 journals of Lucca. Of particular value in the handwritten heritage trust is the Baroni's antique heritage documents including genealogical information and heraldic bearings of families from Lucca; the Fiorentini's antique heritage documents regarding the homonymous doctor and botanist of Lucca; the Cesare Lucchesini's antique heritage documents.

Among the many miniatured manuscripts we remember the 37 Choral Books which are famous for their magnificent miniatures: the "Liber Divinorum Operum" of the Saint Ildegarda from Bingen (XIIIth century) and the "Missale Romanum" (XVth century) which belonged to Bishop Stefano Trenta of Lucca.

Of particular interest are the juridical heritage trust of works, writings, legal memoirs, documents and letters of the criminal lawyer Francesco Carrara from Lucca, the heritage trust of popular literature of Giovanni Giannini and painters and writers of art, Michele and Enrico Ridolfi from Lucca.

Among the noteworthy collection of letters, is the heritage trust of letters to Paolo Guinigi (between 1400 and 1430), 13 volumes of letters addressed to Cesare Lucchesini, 9 volumes of letters addressed to the poet Teresa Bandettini, 600 letters of Giovanni Pascoli and the extensive correspondence of Michele and Enrico Ridolfi.

In 1866, thanks to the grant of about 90.000 volumes from the suppressed clerical libraries, the Library was endowed by a large number of works from 1600 - 1700.

Today the Library continues to increase its collection through the traditional methods of documenting the Italian Culture, paying particular attention to Lucca's Culture through either purchases or through donations. The Library is designed legal deposit libray to ensure that the Lucca’s published output (and thereby its intellectual record and future published heritage) is collected systematically, to preserve the material for the use of future generations and to make it available for readers.

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