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Information regarding the use of the Library. Bibliographical information onsite, by mail or via phone (brief information), e-mail:
Guided tours for schools and tourist by appointment.


In the Library there are two reading rooms: a main Reading Room with general bibliographical books including serials on open shelves and a reference room for consulting manuscripts and rare materials of great value, journals of Lucca, works of Tuscany and Lucca.

To use the Reference Room and view items from the collection you will need to give your identity card or your passport at the entrance of the Reference Room.

The most items are not on shelves and will need to be requested  from the catalogue and delivered to the reference  Room if you are working in,  or at the desk if you are working in the main Reading Room. Please note that some items and resources are restricted to reference room.

Some items in our collection are held offsite and are not be available on the day of your visit unless you order them in advance by phone, or email.

The main reading room as well delivering service have usually the same opening hours

Reference Room opening hours:

Tuesday and Friday: 8.30am - 13.30pm

on  Thursday: 8.30am - 17.00pm



The service is available

on Monday: 10.00am - 18.30pm

on Wednesday and Friday: 8.30am - 13.30pm

For information please contact Loan Office at the Address

Local Loans: Available to everyone over 18 years, who can prove with appropriate document he is resident in Tuscany. (Identity card or passport is necessary). European Union Citizens, Italian Citizens not living in Tuscany, citizens of the Republic of San Marino and the Vatican City must show study documentation and state place of residence even if temporary, (including a "self-certifying" document). Citizens from non-European Countries must exhibit their temporary stay visa and their permit of a diplomatic authority or a cultural institution. Loan users are issued with a library card which must be shown for every request, they can borrow from the Library up to 2 works, or 4 volumes at the same time, which cannot be lent to others. Maximum loan period: one month, which can be renewed for a further thirty days. Inter-Libraries Loans and Document delivery: Please notice that you'll have to pay the delivery service cost. Copies are supposed to be used according to copyright law. For information on fees, contact the Interlibrary Loan service. Please notice that the Library has joined the regional project "Books in the Net" that allows free interlibrary loan among the Tuscan Libraries who joined the project.

Self-service Photography


You can photograph items free of charge only for study or personal purposes. You can use compact cameras, tablets and mobile phones. All services are subject to the Library’s preservation policy and copyright and data protection laws. Reading Room staff will make a preservation and copyright check of material you want to photograph.

Photographic reproductions for editorial purposes

Please notice that you have to request permission to reproduce books or manuscripts for editorial purposes and pay royalties, if dued. As the library can't provide photografic reproductions, it is necessary to resort to a private company to get the estimate and for the execution of the work.

Public Relations Office

This office informs both users and suppliers of regulatory acts and conditions relating to accounting and administrative proceedings. The office considers user requirements and provides permits in special cases. It manages claims and improvement proposals. It predisposes and circulates all the information and materials regarding the Library and its activities. 

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